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As described.

Item showed up to my doorstep with all of the labels covered. A+ in my book.
The charger topped out at 78.8 amps. That's close enough for me. My bank consist of 4 li time 200ah 12.8 volt lipo4 batteries. Already have a 40 amp charger($200). I knew I needed more amps ,however, this 80 amp charger is just what I needed. At the perfect price point and timing.
The unit doesn't seem to be too loud with the fans on. No louder than the 40 amp charger. If I had one complaint it would be that there isn't significant information written on the output cables/wires.
Overall I'm very happy with the unit and would recommend the 80 and/or 40 amp charger from li time YouTube video placeholder YouTube video placeholder
LiTime 12V (14.6V) 20A LiFePO4 Lithium Battery Charger

I bought mine on the sale. It was shipped quickly and packaged well. I connected to the new LiTime 12v 100ah Lithium battery and within an hour, it charged it up to 100%. Thank you.


Użytkuję ładowarkę w zestawieniu z LiFePo4 200ah ogrzewanym. Funkcja ładowania akumulatora rozruchowego poza serwisowym sprawia, że ładowarka przy tej cenie bije konkurencje na głowę. Nie spełnia zadania przy małych alternatorach 50A.

LiTime 12V 100Ah Max LiFePO4 Lithium Deep Cycle Battery

new trolling motor batterys

so far they have been very good on powering my 80 pound thrust minn kota trolling motor.

Top notch charger!

The new 80 amp LiTime charger is a welcome addition to my 20 and 40 amp LiTime chargers. Excellent quality and performance. I highly recommend them.

【Final: $309.99】LiTime 12V 100Ah Group 24 Bluetooth LiFePO4 Lithium Deep Cycle Battery, Low-Temp cut-off, Built-In 100A BMS, 1280Wh Energy

Best vslue in lihium iron battery.

Cant beat the value

Great size and weight

Size and weight is perfect for my canoe and kayak. Plenty of power to run all day.

Documentation and packaging was good.

Delivery was 1 day late, but it was worth it.

Question: Battery or Charger

One clear problem is the charger is not documented to flash red then green at one-ish second intervals.

The rest is murky and in process; LiTime's service response has started quickly and in a reasonable manner (email response by email next day).

I got this to charge a LiTime 230 low temp battery as a way to charge while the battery is waiting for its solar charging system to be built. It is going to be three months or more before that is done.

The battery was at 13.22v about a week before charging. After charging for about 12 hours, I get the oddly flashing LED and a 13.10V reading. LiTime counsels me to run a greater than 2A load for a few minutes and check again. I ran a roughly 3.75 amp frig/freezer for 5 minutes. In the couple of hours since, the reading has been consistently 12.98v.

It seems I have a lemon but it is not clear which product is the problem.

I hope I can update this review to reflect the outcome of this issue.

I suspect LiTime will implement the following suggestion in due course. The ease of use of this occasionally used product could be enhanced by an explanation of the LED's signals printed on the charger itself.

Thrilled with my Bluetooth Battery

This battery is awesome. The Bluetooth feature is a game changer. I only wish I had purchased two during the introductory period. I can’t wait to see the difference it’s going to make for my camping trips

Everything you would want in a group 24 battery

Quality price and support like I have not seen before love doing business with these people

Works great. Charges fast. Last a long time.

Lite Battery

I have nott used a battery like this before. Hoping it lasts longer than the lead acid batteries I have been using. Will not be able to use for a couple of months ope it says charged that long before I get to use it.

Perfect 250 amp Switchable Circuit Breaker for your Lithium battery

I used these as a breaker and disconnect switch for 2 batteries I use in parallel. I just mounted them to a sheet of thick hdpe plastic that spans the two 24v batteries. I like the fact that they are easy to install and take up less room than using a switch and t-fuse for each battery. I don't have to stock spare fuses either. I have each breaker as close as possible to the battery terminal. I trust them as my primary breakers and switches on 2-24V LiTime 200ah batteries in my Brinkley Fifth Wheel. So far everything I have purchased from LiTime has been a quality product.

Works great.

Using it on solar system, provides the extra capacity I needed.

Will not charge

I bought a 100 amp battery from Li time (Amazon) last year. Now it will not charge. I sent a email to Li time. No response. Very disappointed.

Faulty Battery—No customer service!!

Purchased battery for a trolling motor. First two trips out it ran for 15-20 and kicked a circuit breaker. Had to change to a backup battery to get home. Posts so hot I couldn’t touch them. Guarantees are worthless if you can’t contact someone about service. So far their customer service is as worthless as this battery.

Amazing customer service

I bought a LiTime 12V 100Ah TM LiFePO4 Battery, and it was going to the wrong address. So I emailed LiTime and Elaine emailed back within 12 hours. She fixed my mistake and assured me that my order will be going to the correct address. I can’t believe how quickly my order arrived. I’m just so grateful for the wonderful customer service!! Thank you

installed 3 100Ah TM batteries for a 36 volt trolling motor. FIrst trip offshore had motor deployed for 8 hours and used less than 50% of the power. So far so good at half the price.

One possible issue

Review submitted on 2-26-2024. I plan to update this review including the rating after a few months of ownership. I purchased the litime 100ah trolling motor battery as well as a litime battery box when I purchased this charger. The battery fits in the battery box almost perfectly. Without going into detail I will say that the battery does not always display a resting charge of 13.33v after it is done charging. However, it does seem to run my trolling motor for the appropriate amount of time. Consequently, I think this charger probably fully charges my battery. I plan to add more specific information once I have performed various tests on the battery. This charger does seem to have one definite issue. Once the battery is fully charged, the charger continuously turns on and off about once every 5 seconds until I unplug it. Litime customer service has informed me that this is normal for the charger and it will not cause any safety issues. Customer service usually responds to my questions within 24 hours. There is a slight language barrier so it sometimes takes a few emails to get my questions answered.

Battery and customer service were top notch! I needed the batter rushed to me for a trip and they got it out to me in less then 3 days! Great service!

Kayak trolling motor Battery

Bought one 50ah for my 40lb trolling motor on my 13' kayak. Ran for almost 6 hours at slower speeds, as running on the highest speed will drain any battery in a couple of hours. Got back home and battery still had approx. 50% charge left. Extremely light and charges in a couple of hours with a 20A charger.