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Great service. Boat is out of country. Won’t be installed till September. Battery’s look great thanks

My New Li Time 12v, 230ah Batteries Times 4!

I'm still in the process of switching from lead acid to LiFePO4's. These are impressive batteries and I can't wait to do the change out. YouTube video placeholder
40 amp controller

Installed two days ago and it will not power up, just blank screen. There is 12 volt power (13.3 v) tested to the unit. Can you help? do you think the unit is faulty? Any help is appreciated

Batteries work, Bluetooth doesn't

So far batteries function as expected, haven't had time to do a range test, but partial trips appear to be expected capacity. Bluetooth functional is super slow, spotty at best. No way to reboot the Bluetooth module in the battery, so just have to hope at some point it becomes functional again. Batteries shipped with two different firmwares, who knows if this will have detrimental affects on the battery lifetime due to different BMS behavior. No way to update firmware through the app.

Battery is great but monitor not so great

No issues with the battery but why would you sell a battery monitor part (shunt) with posts that are so large that none of the battery cables fit on them?

Great replacement battery for RV

Fit in my group 31 box great, saved a few pounds over acid filled batttery. Very pleased.


To put it as simply as possible this battery is just awesome. I use it for a trolling motor and it just works. If you are thinking about upgrading just do it. Before I used two lead acid batteries like most people have and I would have to charge it every day and I still wouldn’t get that much use out of it. Plus the trolling motor would lose performance throughout the whole day. I have charged the new battery once and the trolling motor has been unstoppable for the last couple weekends. The power output is consistent and it just never ends. It’s also super light. The only regret I have is that I didn’t get it sooner and that’s the honest truth. Ain’t no bot writing this so you can trust it.

100Ah smart edition

Unable to charge my 2 new batteries with my Noco Genius charger. After doing some research on YouTube I decided to touch the terminals for a split second with an old Guest charger. This allowed the BMS to reset and the Noco charger immediately began charging the LiTime batteries to full capacity. I was also able to establish the Bluetooth connection between my IPhone and the batteries. More information should be provided to customers to get around this problem. I have yet to receive a reply to my initial email to LiTime about this problem. Now that my batteries are charged I’m looking forward to how they perform. They certainly are much lighythan my old lead acid batteries.

Bluetooth app needs work!! Fix the bluetooth app for the 5th star!

There is no need to have to "login" just to check MY batteries! The app looses the login info and here is another app to have to memorize a username and password. The "reset" does not work with the phone app, online with your computer does. Just let the mobile app connect and lets be done with it!! Great batteries otherwise!

Got Battery on time have not used it yet charged up great can not wait to get on water thank you very much will probably change out trolling batteries later

Looks like quality

Have not used them much yet as I just get them installed but soon inspection from the outside they look as good as another brand I have that cost over twice as much. Will try to add more information as I put them to use this summer.

Too Soon

Too soon to tell. Have more to say in a few weeks.

LiTime 12V 100Ah Group 24 Deep Cycle LiFePO4 Lithium Battery


On time delivery
Batteries packaging was perfect
Everything looks good
Now it’s all about performance
We’ll see

Power in a small package

So far working as advertised.

LiTime 12V 100Ah LiFePO4 Lithium Deep Cycle Battery

Ordered 2 batteries

I ordered 2 batteries to add to a bank, I received 1 Litime and 1 Power Queen battery. I already had 2 other Litime batteries in another bank. With the one power queen battery being identical, but does not look at home with the litime batteries. That is why I gave it 3 stars.

Nice batterys

Love the Bluetooth BMS.

Great kayak battery

I purchased one of these for my kayak and a year later, purchased another one for my other kayak. They hold a charge all day and are light and compact for the kayak. I run a #45 and a #55 trolling motor with the two batteries. Pushes the fishing kayak around very well. Wouldn't change a thing.

Still testing

Received the charger a few weeks ago. Got it installed and ran a cycle on the new 12v LiTime lithium as well as my lead acid starting battery. Charger worked well and charged both batteries in a pretty decent amount of time. Have not been able to get to the lake yet, so will update as I get a chance to use it more.
Size fits well in boat and seems to be made of very good materials.

Over twice the available amp hours and half the weight of the 6 volt lead acid batteries it replaced. Just got back from a 3 night boondocking trip and was flawless!

Great battery for the camping trailer

Replaced one deep cycle lead acid battery with two Group 24 batteries, twice the power and less weight

LiTime 2 Bank 12V 10A Battery Charger

Great charger! I wish the LED indicators were a little larger, it's tough to see them remotely via a camera.


Works amazing and it is so much lighter then traditional battery definitely worth the upgrade

Works good and easy to use.