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Improvement over prior deep cycle lead acid batteries in golf cart

This battery replaced 4 - 85 pound deep cycle lead acid batteries. The new lithium battery is supposed to hold twice the charge, although I have not owned the battery long enough to verify. It is sold as a golf cart battery. It comes with no mounting brackets/straps. You have to engineer your own hold down system, as the battery is subjected to numerous forces in the gut of the golf cart. All documentation is very general and has nothing referencing a golf cart. This is NOT a plug and play solution.

So far (5 days) no complaints at all, we love it.

This appears to be a winner. We have a 2002 Club car DS and (as we live on an island) this is our daily driver. We typically drive between 25 and 40 miles a day. With this battery we are getting north of 30 miles without recharging during the day, longer if we recharge when not driving (which we always do). It fully recharges overnight. Getting it into the cart was a bit ticklish but not bad with a little creativity (centered between frame rails, long dimension forward and and back, used a vibrating saw to temporarily remove the center part of the plastic body work immediately in front of battery - it fits with about 1/4" to spare, then relocated the run/tow switch - easy stuff). So far (5 days) no complaints at all, we love it. It's really quite impressive. Excellent performance in all conditions, including light-trailer-towing (approx 400 lbs). One little thing (a slight flutter probably caused by the batteries better performance): When we are "torque-neutral" (slight downhill) we get a very slight acceleration/deceleration oscillation. We think this is happening for two reasons: 1) we shed approximately 300 pounds of battery weight. Thus the motor controller gets more acceleration than expected when it adds power. And 2) the new battery has stable voltage between 48 and 52 volts (more stable than the lead acids). We think when the motor controller adds power, it is actually getting just a little more power from the battery than it is expecting. We are guessing the two phenomena leads to this VERY slight (almost unnoticeable) acceleration/deceleration osculation on slight downhills. On any other terrain the carts behavior is 100% well mannered. With such good performance and manners, we had to dig deep to find ANY flaw, so here it is: on the way to the dump we lost our trash bag off the back seat 4 times due to better acceleration. For the first time in the 15 years we have owned this cart we will need to use our bungee cords on trash day. We hope the reader has our sense of humor, this battery/charger combination is truly wonderful. Durability and reliability is our only unknown at this time. We have high hopes.

It's very efficient

I'm really happy with this inverter, it uses very little power in stand by mode. And has been performing very well . I do intend to buy another one soon. Very happy with the customer service as well. Keep it up guys.

So much power in such a small package

Totally blown away by the power in this small battery.
I'm using it for my 55lb 12V Trolling Motor, after a solid 9 hours of constant heavy use the battery lost less than 20% of power and was fully recharged in an hour.
This mini battery weighs just 19lbs, meaning I have taken over 40lbs of weight out of the front of my skiff

I'm sold!


The batteries are very good

The batteries are very good and stronger than I had imagined. And your customer service is very nice and is currently replacing a mppt controller I had a small problem with. Overall very good business. I would buy more from you in the future.

12V LiFePo4 battery

Got this battery to run a 30lb thrust trolling motor on my canoe. It replaces a 70lb lead/acid deep cycle battery that I used previously. I really like that it weighs less than 20lb and gives my more range than the old battery. So far so good.

weird battery

Being used to AGM batteries, these batteries do some weird stuff . fluctuating voltages when under 1 amp or less load, but will supply the current when needed ( usually 15-25 amps).

【Final: $289.99】LiTime 12V 100Ah LiFePO4 Lithium Battery, Built-in 100A BMS, 1280Wh Energy

All new attempt

I bought 2 of the Lifepo4 plus, batteries. Followed all instructions. Just got them connected up , took over 20hrs, to fully charge with the Li Time 10 amp charger. Everything is hooked up now and ran a test using a box fan. The real test is going to be when I try my well pump. Inverter is suppose to be able to handle it but the golf cart batteries could not supply enough current to keep pump running. If this new tech. battery will, I plan on writing another review . I also plan on contacting a YouTube influencer I have been watching over the years, he bragged on the Li Time 12v 100amp hr battery with the new BMS.

So far so good!

My used very good 100ah 12volt battery performed awesome powering my 55 pound trolling motor on a creek boat m12. Powered through heavy cover and Lillypads for an hour and was only down to 95% when put on the charger. I’m not sure how accurate my charger’s estimate is but only charged for about 20 minutes before cutting off to maintain. Hope to get it out again for a full day run soon. Great value, packaged well, and delivered in 4 days to Georgia. I’m happy.

【Final: $289.99】LiTime 12V 100Ah LiFePO4 Lithium Battery, Built-in 100A BMS, 1280Wh Energy

【Final: $309.99】LiTime 12V 100Ah Mini LiFePO4 Lithium Battery, Upgraded 100A BMS, Max. 1280Wh Energy

Great Battery and Great Service

I recently upgraded my RV system from two-battery lead acid system to a single Li Time 230Ah Plus LiFePO4. I have 400 watts of solar panels and I am very pleased with the performance thus far. My 12v refrigerator has run continuously for over a week now and the new battery maintains 100 percent charge. Elaine in customer service is great and has addressed any concerns I had. I would say this company treats it's customers well and provides a quality product. Thank you.

One step to Freedom

The battery was well protected and packed. The information provided is comprehensive and understandable. Well worth the money!


Have 3 of these now. Great price. Just finished installing. They
are working fine. Running big screen,fridge,lights, and hot water heater in my travel trailer. A+

Lithium battery mini

I really like the increased power I get and the light weight has increased speed greatly on my boat. Thank you for a great product.

100 ah

Good battery so far would buy again

460ah Monster!

Purchased this for a Winter in the desert of Arizona. Kept missing the sales which we needed, but time was not on our side. I still think I got a good value in this 460ah monster. I am really hoping this battery lives up to the hype and marketing.
If it does, I'd be willing to try/test other LiTime products in the desert off grid!

Thank you!

LiTime 12V 100Ah TM LiFePO4 Battery, Low-Temp Protection for Trolling Motors

✅Like New✅LiTime 12V 200Ah Plus

I am so pleased with this battery I am going to buy a 2nd one next month. My Renogy 60a controller paired right up LiTime 12V 200Ah Plus.

How I wish I had bought the 60a LiTime charge controller! I learned about this controller to late.

I am very pleased with their support. As you can see I am buying again....


Li Time Batteries

Excellent batteries, excellent service for an excellent price!

Have been out on the boat to test it

Charged up quickly haven’t been out o the boat to try it

LiTime 12V 100Ah TM LiFePO4 Battery, Low-Temp Protection for Trolling Motors