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I bought 2 100 watt Mini LiFePO4 batteries

I was very pleased to recieve the batteries so quickly. With a friend I installed both batteries in my modified horse/trailer/workshop. I used to have 4 golf cart batteries - when those went bad I put in 2 car batteries. Even with a 310 watt solar panel the latter system was terrible. The golf cart batts were okay, but very heavy. The new batteries are amazing with the power they provide. I may order 2 more of these batteris for one of my boats - and then maybe 2 more for the other boat. Right now I'm waiting for a 20 amp charger, since I didn't have the foresight to order that with the batts. Thanks for the quick service - I hope the batteries continue to work as they have for the last 2 weeks.

So far so good.

These batteries work great and a fraction of the cost of some other brands, and they internal heating. The first time using I trolled for 7 hours and the batteries tester on my minnkota said they were still full charge.

Great trolling motor batteries

Replaced my 2 trolling motor batteries both batteries came perfectly packaged tried out the batteries they work great with my 24 volt minn kota terrova


I was really surprised by the quality of communication, packaging, what was included with the battery and charger and also the speed at which I received what I ordered! Nicely done LiTime! That was impressive. Now I am going to test this battery in the field as one of 2 auto-switching + solar charging sources of 12V DC power to my Amateur Radio "Go Box" to support local people and parties with emergency communications needs if and "when all else fails." 7 3! YouTube video placeholder
Internet Provider Backup Batteries

Well this is our main backup power we use at over 100 Tower sites. We use to go through AGM and SLA batteries about once every 2 years. LI Time have been great upgrades and should last many many years. I test them on our battery tester, Its a very nice tester that lets me know capacity. They always test out higher AH than what is on the sticker. Example a 100AH will test at 105AH. When i was getting brand new AGM 75AH from other vendors, they would only test at 65 to 70AH. I have had these in the field for over 6 months now and they still test above rated, Example the 50AH in the sun all day and on a float charge tests at 52 AH. All the automatic features for being a smart battery is great, my guys in the field can not mess up. I did a ton of research on different brands for LIPO4, this by far is the best company. I have purchased roughly 50+ LIPO4 in all different versions, 12v 50ah, 12v 100ah, 24v 200ah, and now the minis. I have not had one fail or any issues with any of them. Always great packaged, quick shipping times. I plan to use these guys for many years to come! If your are thinking of getting any kind of new battery for long term storage, look no further. These are the best around.

Keeps the Gate Lights On

Instead of running 800 feet of electrical wire, I built a box to hold the battery, charge controller, and wiring for the gate, gate pillar lights, and a flagpole light. Uses about 15 Ah per night. This battery was easy to integrate into my solar system (100W panel) and has done an excellent job over the past week. The key is to see if it lasts more than the 2 years my prior setup did.

Best replacement for are 12 volt lead acid

This battery is everything we expected and more no more worrying about take it less then 50% discharge last 4 time’s longer and should last us 10 plus years can’t bet it for the price very happy with are purchase

Best customer service!

Purchased LiFePo4 batteries and had lots of questions. Li Time has the best customer service I’ve ever experienced. Polite, fast and knowledgeable.

For a 36v Ultrex

I have only had them out once and they worked as expected. Love the weight savings and also was able to place all three on on side with still a lighter weight than two 31 series lead cell batteries!

I am very impressed!

When I needed to upgrade the lead-acid batteries in my motorhome, lithium was the obvious choice, but so many to choose from. I spent a lot of time researching the various brands and models. I had limited space but wanted the most bang for my $$$. I had some questions and sent out a few inquiries to different manufacturers. Only a few answered, and Haily at Li Time was the only support person to provide detailed answers. This 230ah battery was the best choice, and Li Time was a company that had been in the business of providing lithium solutions for many years with great reviews. Haily helped me throughout the process. The battery arrived in two days, as promised, and I was very impressed with the quality of the product and the accompanying documentation. I had it up and running within hours, and it is exactly what I needed. Very pleased! YouTube video placeholder
Runs my Ham Radio Flawlessly

I use this to run my FT-891 on 50 watts when I'm packing it in to an activation zone. It's half the size/weight of the 12AH so makes it a lot easier to haul the whole setup into remote locations. It easily powers the radio at 50 watt power level until I'm bored with operating the radio, so it's large enough. I haven't run this battery to empty yet, but my guess is it would probably run my setup for around 4 hours.

I like the form factor. The battery has been reliable so far. It's super lightweight compared to a SLAB. I honestly have a hard time believing how much power I can get out of something this lightweight. That fact that it's only 30 bucks seems almost impossible.

The battery arrived within a couple of days. Customer service has been excellent. When a different battery I had ordered a couple months ago was out of stock, they promptly informed me by email and issued a refund. I've had good experiences with this company and I recommend their products.

Smaller, Lighter

I use LiFePO4 batteries for astrophotography, so smaller and lighter is good, especially for a 100AH battery. Still working on a housing for it, but it will be slimmer and small.

Small size with big power

Works great so for on my Gheenoe 55lb thrust trolling Motor. Battery and charger now can fit in the same box. Planning on buying 3 more if it keeps impressing me.

Support team

I wanted to rate Haily with 5 stars. She was very knowlegable, answered my questions , helpful in every way. She was very patient as well. Thanks Haily.

Good batteries

Purchased two to power my ham radio base. Arrived quickly. Well packaged. Bolts fit power terminals well. Voltage was 13.2 v on arrival. Charged quickly with their 20A charger. Plenty of power for what I need.

12v 100A LiTime LifePO4 Lithium

Ordered (2) 12v 100A LiTime LifePO4 t Lithium batteries and they arrived UPS in about a week. The batteries were packed very well and are very light compared to my yellow top lead acid. I bought the 2 batteries for my boat for to power my Minn Kota 24v trolling motor. Wired them in and they are providing 27v at the plug. So far so good.

Works well

So easy to attach and use, behaves as described in literature.

We really like the batteries. They charge up fast. We live off grid. We would like to register the batteries for the 5year warranty.thank you very much.

LiTime 12V 100Ah lithium

The battery seems to be a quality item. I have not had time to use it yet. The one negative I have is that LiTime now offers a newer light weight same 12V 100Ah battery for less money. If I knew they were going to offer this battery I would have waited. The reason I ordered the one I did is that the price kept going up. When I first started looking it was $319 by the time i ordered a week later the cost was $349. Now they have the new ones alot cheaper.

100ah 12v Batteries

I purchased two of these batteries for my trolling motor. They seem to be very powerful. Haven't gotten to give them a proper test. But the little I have used them. They seem to be great deal for the money!

LiTime 12V 400Ah LiFePO4 Lithium Battery with 250A BMS, 5120Wh Usable Energy

Everything arrived in great shape. I’ve got them charged up and ready to go. Unfortunately the lakes where I live are still frozen and I haven’t been able to install them in the boat to test them out. Looking forward to it.

Fantastic Experience and Value

I recently purchased and installed my LiTime 12V 100ah battery in my truck camper. I had previous experience with an AGM battery which I thought was great until I went lithium. I took it out over the weekend to test it out and I was very pleased with the vast improvement over AGM. I use it to power LED lights, 12V USB charging and the 18000BTU wall heater which was running all weekend because its so darn cold. The power lasted all weekend and could have supported me for more days. Great product. Great communication. I decided to try this route instead of spending upwards of $900 on a Dakota or Battle Born and I hope it works out for me.

Good Batteries.

Lasts a long time and charges up very fast.

8 days and still going

Lost 42 lbs switching to this battery and ran everything on my boat for 8 days until recharging.