Ampere Time Rebranding Announcement 

Dear Ampere Time Family and our new Litime Family,

We are excited to announce that we’ve rebranded our name from Ampere Time to LiTime, and our website to as part of the continuous development and ongoing evolution of our company’s brand.  

Table Of Content

  • How We Develop
  • Where We’ll Go
  • Why We Rebrand
  • Logo Update
  • Website Makeover
  • Final Words
  • Rebranding FAQ

How We Develop

The Ampere Time journey began 14 years ago, with the vision to drive the energy transformation to a sustainable future and put clean & easy power in people’s hands. 

With a decade of experience providing energy storage solutions and focusing on product research, we demonstrated a global presence with self-developed LiFePO4 batteries years ago. From then on, Ampere Time has grown by leaps and bounds and has stood for high-quality products, remarkable service, and outstanding innovations. Today, Ampere Time has expanded its scale and impact for a wider international reach with more than 1,000,000 users benefiting from our products for their home energy storage system, trolling motors, RVs, outdoor adventures, fishing & marine, and more off-grid/on-grid applications. 

Where We’ll Go

In the next decade, we’ll experience more innovative progress in developing sustainable energy products and solutions, integrating products from solar power devices, power conversion equipment, power storage batteries, portable power stations, home energy storage systems & more, to provide one-stop energy solutions from power generation to conversion and storage. We’re dedicated to driving a sustainable future and we’re well on our way to helping people optimize their energy usage and storage that lower their costs and environmental impact.

Why We Rebrand

As we assessed our business and brand, we saw that our users were getting larger and the complexities of what they were looking for were greater. They were looking for one-stop energy solutions to make power easy, so we need to address the growing importance of our solution superiority in our process and its impact on solving their power needs. And also we saw a shift in the industry and competition. For these reasons, we made this crucial decision to rebrand our name that can better represent who we are in the long run.

We saw this rebranding as a new opportunity to better communicate the value we provided to our customers. LiTime will carry forward the spirit of Ampere Time to prioritize quality and service over everything, and take a step further to innovate the new energy industry with new products and solutions, while at the same time keeping true to our aspiration to help people discover their life passion and possibilities with unlimited power supply.

Logo Update

Our new brand identity is now easier to recognize and better represents who we are today and our dynamic future. The “Li” design stands for lithium industry and indicates how focused we are on the energy storage industry with our power storage batteries and solutions from the development. The blue color stands for technology, and the very idea of a leap arrow from “Li” to “Time” is the bridge that leads people into the new energy times. As our slogan goes “Life & Discovery”- well beyond selling batteries and solutions, we explore the passion and possibility of life. This is what we’ve been insisting on connecting and communicating with our community.

Website Makeover

We have updated our website to go along with most of the Ampere Time design and layout, hoping that you can recognize our new brand with ease. In the next few months, the new website will coexist with the old Ampere Time website, and a gradual transition will be made till we make sure all our customers are well informed about our rebranding and get reassured by our new brand LiTime.  

Final Words

This rebranding is an important step in our business strategy and matches the evolution we’ve made so far. We’ll continue to commit to our customers and provide the same, if not higher, level of quality and service, more products and innovations.

We would like to express our heartfelt thanks to every one of you for your strong support, and we believe this is our big chance to make tough things easy, impossible possible: households never suffer from power outages in extreme weather, a school in remote mountain areas can power the light through the night, lovers of great outdoors can go on more and further camping and overland adventures, trolling boat owners can hold in heavy current for days, and more ... things that we would like to explore with your involvement!

Yet, the rebranding is never really done, and you are welcome to reach out at with any of your thoughts or questions.


CEO Luny Lu
LiTime Team

December 14, 2022


We've changed our name and nothing else! So you don't have to change a thing or worry about anything.

Whether LiTime or Ampere Time, we were and will always prioritize quality and service over everything.

Yes! LiTime will cover all Ampere Time's product warranties and services. The warranty and service of the products purchased from Ampere Time will be valid as promised when you purchased them. If you have any questions or need any help while using our products, please feel free to contact us both at or 

LiTime provides the same level of quality, service, and price for the same models as sold by Ampere Time, while LiTime has more occasional promotions. If you’re considering expanding your existing battery system, we recommend you purchase LiTime products of the same model for series and parallel connection.

You can visit our website at or LiTime Amazon/eBay store to purchase all models of LiTime batteries.

Yes. You can connect the Ampere Time and LiTime batteries of the same model. LiTime provides the same level of quality and service for the same models as those sold by Ampere Time, and they are compatible.
Premise of battery connections:
a. Same brand (LiTime and Ampere Time are the same)
b. Same capacity (Ah) and BMS (A)
c. Recently purchased (within three months)

Yes. You could reach us both at or for help, and our service team will always respond within 24hrs.

No, all Ampere Time products’ warranty remains valid and will be covered by LiTime. Starting from 14 December, we will make this happen gradually throughout the year until we make sure all our customers are well informed and well covered by our warranty. 

You will not need to do anything now and your dealings with our company will remain unchanged. You will see that we change our name and logo on our website, emails, etc. from 14 December 2022 but the Ampere Time and LiTime logos will co-exist for a long time until we make sure all our customers are well-informed and well-covered by our warranty. 


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