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Ampere Time Has Rebranded to LiTime.

Review: LiTime (aka Ampere Time) 12V 200Ah LiFePO4 Lithium Battery by RV Blogger Twenty Travelers

Review: LiTime (aka Ampere Time) 12V 200Ah LiFePO4 Lithium Battery by

LiFePO4 lithium battery is no doubt the best battery for RVs while is also popular for home energy storage and boat motor. The obvious advantages are long service life, high safety, and large storage capacity.

LiFePO4 lithium batteries in the RV demand is booming and is the best replacement for lead-acid batteries.

Considering the long-term travel by car, people who live in RVs usually replace traditional lead batteries with LiFePO4 batteries. In this article, we will introduce the RV blogger The Twenty Travelers who will apply the  "LiTime (aka Ampere Time) 12V 200Ah" to their RV, as well as the product review and recommendation! For those who are considering replacing lead acid batteries with Li-ion batteries, it can be a reference...

* Reference Batteries/Chargers
LiTime 12v 200Ah LiFePO4100A BMS(1280W)、2560Wh
LiTime 12v 300Ah LiFePO4:200A BMS(2560W)、3840Wh
LiTime 12v 20A Charger:90% High Charging Efficiency
LiTime Official Website:

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  1. Who are they /How they got into bus life?

Hi there! We’re Javan and Avery, The Twenty Travelers. Two years ago we decided to purchase a 40ft school bus to convert into an off-grid tiny home on wheels. We wanted to spend more time outside and away from the hustle and bustle of the city. We wanted to adventure and change our lifestyle. When planning out our school bus build, we knew we wanted to invest in a powerful off-grid solar system. We also knew that one of the most important components of an off-grid solar system is the battery bank. Because the size of your battery bank determines how much power you can store and how long you can run your appliances.

  1. Why did you choose LiTime ( aka Ampere Time)?

LiTime lithium-ion batteries were the perfect solution for building a big battery bank. Because LiTime batteries are lithium we can drain them all the way to 0% battery without damaging them. Unlike lead acid batteries. LiTime also offers a 12V 200AH battery so we can get more AH for less space. Furthermore, LiTime batteries weigh less than traditional lead acid batteries. Less weight means better gas mileage and less wear and tear on our school bus tires.

Lithium batteries can also be very expensive. LiTime Lithium Ion phosphate batteries offer competitive pricing and are budget friendly for building your off-grid solar system compared to other brands on the market.

When choosing LiTime we also considered sustainability. Not only do we want an off-grid solution to our power needs. We also want to harness the power of renewable energy to conserve our planets resources.

  1. What do you think about the product? Would you recommend the product?

We’re very satisfied with our batteries. LiTime lithium-ion batteries boast 4000+ cycles throughout the life of the battery. We recommend LiTime batteries because they are cost-effective, efficient, and reliable. We were very happy with LiTime's communication during the process. Thank you LiTime!

      4. Where is the first place you’ll take your off-grid solar system?

We would love to take our solar system to the Arizona desert where we’ll have plenty of sunshine to power our solar panels and keep our battery bank full.

When installing our solar system we made sure to have multiple ways of charging our battery bank. The first method of charging is through our solar panels, the second is through alternator charging while driving, and the last is by plugging into shore power.


Thank you very much to The Twenty Travelers for your comments on our batteries and for telling us how you feel about them. If you are considering purchasing a lithium battery for your RV, why not add "LiTime" products to your options?

With a lightweight, high available capacity, no extra burden on the RV itself, ease to use, and an environmentally safe lithium battery, it is a peace-of-mind RV companion.

The size is also small and light. Hopefully, you can find the right lithium batteries to meet your needs!